Right on time.

Waiting for friends that are always late sometimes is worth.

The dawn brings a light on the sky that glows everything surrounding it.

Italy, 2016

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Adam’s Song by blink-182. I played this song on my computer on my early teenager days. When you first listen to a song, what you focus is the sound, but the second time is dedicated to the lyrics.

This song in particular, is written as a suicide note by a boy, Adam. Such a biblical name!

He explains his fears, actually, he’s scared of not being remembered when he dies. He also kind of apologizes to his parents.

In the end, the revelation! It seems he found a way out of depression, that he’s living his life.

Everyone has days when everything seems wrong, when that inside voice in one’s brain tells dark stories, about happiness that has become a black hole, about feeling alive that has gone and has let a place to alienation and void.

Don’t listen to it, there’s always a bad day, but there’s plenty of good days, those, step by step, slowly fill that hole in the heart and soul, there’s light after the tunnel.

I never conquered, rarely came
Tomorrow holds such better days
Days when I can still feel alive
When I can’t wait to get outside
The world is wide, the time goes by
The tour is over, I’ve survived
I can’t wait till I get home
To pass the time in my room alone

Adam’s Song, blink-182

Adam’s Song – blink-182


It seems that today the majority prefers having an easy life by doing what’s safe and not taking risks. Well, that is absolutely good, but what about jumping into the hole of hesitation and pointing to the highest level?

It’s impossible to know how it’s gonna end, but at least you tried: if you fail, you try again, taking every fall as a reminder to do better; if you win, the reward will be the best thing ever for you didn’t expect it. And if you’re not tired, well, you can go higher!

Never was anything great achieved without danger.

Nicolò Machiavelli

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Well, I’m officially a bad person for I haven’t updated the blog in a while, and I’m very sorry.

I’ve just started my second year of university and I have to understand the messy timetable they gave me, but I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with new stories.

In the meantime I leave you with a nice corner of Genoa, one of my favourite cities.

Love, Ema.

Cloaks make literature.

Who doesn’t know her? Little Red Riding Hood, the story of this little girl’s journey to her grandma is famous worldwide, especially, the image of her walking through the wood with her beautiful red cloak.


Literature is full of characters wearing cloaks, especially fantasy and sci-fi novels and movie related, just think about Star Wars, Star Trek; in books, sorcerers, witch, wizards usually wear them, but also medieval stories are full of them.

One of the most famous cloaks is, without doubt, the “cloak of invisibility” in the Harry Potter series:


(We can find it even in the Lord of the Rings saga.) Cloak are typical of certain genres but they are fundamental for they create mystery around a character, suspense can be felt through the pages for they hide the person who’s wearing them, but still something can be seen.

A good use of a cloak in story, well, it can give it that something more, that search for action, that unsolved riddle that can make a story great.

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The concept of family has changed through the years, well through centuries and eras, but what does family mean today?

Well, maybe grandparents will be disappointed, for the “classic family” (mother, father, children) still exists but there are new ones. I bumped into a reportage where a bunch of women were being interviewed, they were pregnant or with a a child.

They were single mothrers by choice: in fact, due to personal reasons they decided to get pregnant and become a parent through artificial insemination, they were really happy and determined to go on and be ready to raise a child; so I asked myself, can this be called a family?

My answer? Yes, of course it’s a family; these mothers decided to have their babies, to love them, raise them; someone may think they were too selfish, only thinking about their needs, but in the end, the newborns won’t have a father figure. This is actually a good point but there will be room in the future to explain them the entire story.

A family can also be formed by a single father: an article came out a few days ago saying that there was an autistic beby that had been adopted by a single man that accepted her, while a lot of “ordinary families” had refused her. It’s time to break the cliché based on the fact that women are caring and more fit to have a baby, while men are more cold-hearted: everyone has different emotions, feelings, ideas, etc.

Another example of family? The “rainbow families”; who are these? These are the families formed by members of the LGBTQ+ community, they fought a lot for this, trust me, in Italy they still are fighting ’cause the government still doesn’t allow the stepchild adoption.

There are many examples of family, it doesn’t have to be a relationship, but even a group of friends can form a family, do you remember the sit-com “Friends” from the 90s? That is a family too. So, in the end, a family is something where love, trust, fights, values, shares, ideas happen; family is something you don’t always agree with, but eventually come back to it when looking for a shoulder to lean on.

French Perspective


Paris is a geometrical city, it follows a well studied plan. I took this photo on the hill of Montmartre, from where you can admire the immensity of this charming city. It’s so majestic that leaves you without breath.

I love climbing hills, mountains, stairs to photograph (for real and for my memory) what a landscape offers, it’s almost always worth the effort.

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Exception: forming an exception; not ordinary.

The dictionary gives us a hint: being an exception is sometimes seen as a sin, as something negative, but why?

Being odd, strange, unusual, nowadays, seems to be trendy, I mean, there are periods when being vintage or else seems cool and others only a weirdo. People can be very judgemental and full of prejudices such as youngsters don’t like reading, they only enjoy going to the disco and get high, or they love wearing strange things only ’cause they want attentions.

Well, hello! We’re in 2017 and everyone is allowed to do whatever they want, ’cause we live in a mostly free world so fuck judgments! If someone is shy or is ashamed of his/her body, people should say that for how one’s goes out but through one’s feelings and trying to help.

If one wants to be ordinary, let him/her be; if one wants to be an exception, well, let him/her be. In a world and an era full of communications, opinions, cultures that melt together, be who we really are, showing are true selves, doesn’t have to be a chance to be laughed at, but an example that we are all human beings, but we are different, that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, ’cause well, we’re all exceptional.

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Believe, John Lennon, they go along for sure.

I grew up listening to his songs, when I started learning english, his poems were the ones I wanted to translate.

I was curious to know what they wanted to say. I liked the Beatles, I still do, but John Lennon, man!, he was on another planet.

Today is his birthday and I want to remember him as the man that fought against wars in a non-violence way: the photo where he’s naked with Yoko Ono is one of the most famous and impressive.

He was against weapons, he was on the field only with words, sound and actions. He was killed by bis worst enemy: a gun.

John gave the world belief, in an age where bad things happened, he enlightened darkness with messages of hope, he was the leather that flew over the universe inspiring people only with a piano. He saw a one big country where boundaries, racism, religions wouldn’t exist; what would he say if he saw the world today?

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one


Daily Prompt: Believe


Ideas are spiteful: they come, they go faster than a flash. They can be good for us but not for others, we trash them.

But what happens if we see that little ball of paper in the garbage from another side? And so it comes, BOOM!, the idea of the century, the light bulb switches on as the guiding star, you start developing it, and eventually, you realise it was really good and that little piece of paper thanks you for not throwing it in the garbage again, ’cause, let’s face it, it’s filthy, not the cleanest place on Earth.