…and a happy new year!

I hate celebrations, I don’t like either Christmas or New Year’s Eve, also I’m a bad person ’cause I basically disappeared. Anyway, hoping you may forgive me I would like to say goodbye to 2017 in my own way.

I won’t make wishes, they’re useless, I won’t hope for anything, our world is too bad for hope, but since I’m an hopeless dreamer, in this forthcoming year I’ll fight for my dreams until they come true (as Aerosmith sang).

Hypocrisy and superficiality are killing us all, I sometimes regret the times when social media didn’t exist for loads of crap are said everyday by “human beings”, it’s now become so important to have an opinion about everything that people tend to judge what happens in such a stupid way that makes me shiver.

Everyone wants to be right, to become a leader, to feel above the others, rudeness is the new faith, they need it to impose their “beliefs”. When someone does something good, that one is seen as a hero when it just should be ordinary, to help each other and not to throw the “contestants” into the fire just to be the only one, should happen every day, but we have reached the highest point of wickedness, led by envy that goodness seems a miracle.

So 2017 is almost over, I want to cheer to new adventures, new laughs, new people, new feelings, new sounds, new spirit. May 2018 be decent!

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Getting to know someone also means getting in contact with their darkest secrets. Everyone has at least one intouchable secret that sometimes threatens to come out but we squash it inside.

Getting to know someone means unveiling their inner truth, their strenght and their weaknesses.

I am an observer, I don’t talk much, but I see, I notice what people do, their expressions, their feelings: it could help to understand them better but it can also become annoying for I already know a lot about ’em. I, on the contrary, am the most complicated “case” on Earth, no one understands me, what I’m possibly thinking on a determined moment.

This has been my shell, my entire life has been protected by this cover, but a few weeks ago the structure has started to collapse and the darkest, worst moments of my past have exploded, the dyke has been wiped out and I started to talk, not to everybody of course, I still have problems with giving confidence, but with a few trusted friends.

I told them about my teens, they have possibly been the most awful thing my life has had to suffer, I had very bad experiences I don’t want to write about; but now, thinking about them and knowing that I’m not the only one who carries these secrets, well, I’m happy.

Yes, I’m happy ’cause my life has completely changed, I have friends, I have a lot of chances I don’t want to miss, well, everything that happened before, made me, they built the woman I am today, they reinforced me and carved the annoying and sarcastic girl I am today.

The past was always there, lived inside of you, and it helped to make you who you were. But it had to be placed in perspective. The past could not dominate the future.

Barbara Taylor Bradford, Unexpected Blessings

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One way or another.

One way or another we all tend to come back to the place everything began. Nostalgia is a beast, it’s good on one side, it makes you fell at home when you’re far away. On the other side, it makes you regret choices.

One way or another we take the road we are destined to, going on and on ’til we look back and smile at what we did during the journey. Sometimes tears stream down our face and the only thing left to do is, keep going.

One way or another we take that train, not thinking about the consequences, just diving into the irrational and let the feelings float ’til one day, when our eyes will open and we will discover what happiness means.

One way or another the sound of a piano in a bar, during a cold night of December, will carry us to the stars, making us feel free from the chained everyday life. Our bodies will lose themselves into the magical rhythm of the orchestra, raising up towards the greyish clouds, overcome the athmosphere, exploring the Milky Way before the last note strikes.

One way or another day will never be the same, there’s something different in every one of them, a new landscape, a new emotion, a new person, a new song, a new photo will fill our lives ’til the director will leave the stage once and for all.

Daily Prompt: One-Way

The Mist

Ah nature! The most wonderful show we are able to cherish: sun, storms, clouds, rain, snow, wind, sunsets, dawns; and there’s the fog.

The fog is a mysterious weather the nature gives us to express that nostalgic feeling we keep inside a box in our heart. Yes, ’cause the haze lets us see what’s near, but if we want to dive in deep, we are forced to go on.

This “creature” opens a tunnel, it’s on us the decision whether we want to swim across and discover an ocean of colours, memories, faces, places or stay on that rock for the rest of our existence, getting used to dark shades, sad spots, ghostly silhouettes and don’t find the guts to dive.

The fog, the fog is the connection between the clearness of the present and the vanishing profile of an immortal dream; it keeps us on the edge, we want to jump and lose ourselves into this wet, greyness sea, a foot tears away from the reassuring ground, ready to fly and a question emerges from deep down: will I ever be able to see the surface again?

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Lake Como, 2016. I’ve always been intimidated by lakes, I was thought they can be dangerous, but, by chance last year I went near Lake Como and on my way home I took a decision: I want to see it closer, touch the water and breathe the atmosphere around it.

Turned out it gives you that peace and calm that you won’t find anywhere else, walkings become moments of recollection, where your mind leaves out the usual burden in favour of positive thoughts and romantic vibes. Thumbs up for lakes!

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Milan, 2017. What’s more temporary than a concert? Yes, the feelings will always be a part of you, the moments you lived will always surround you, but you will always know, well, a part of you knows that nothing similar will ever happen, ’cause every gig you will attend, will always be different from the first one, the second one and so on…

Weekly Challenge: Temporary

Into the doubt

“Oh damn, what should I do? I’m a mess right now and my host is begging me to take a decision but I honestly have no clue, I mean, I’d say ‘Waait, stop for a second and think, it’s an important call, you mustn’t blow it’ but there’s the other one, he’s down there, believe me he’s a pain in the ass, he’s always against me.

I know the reason why he does that, well, he keeps bragging about it, ‘hey, mastermind! If it wasn’t for me and my children you wouldn’t even start your lame engine’, oh please this is bullshit, I have so many talents he doesn’t even think about.

Anyhow, he’s against me even with this important decision, he keeps saying that our host should let himself go, jump into the ocean of feelings, surf the waves of fear ’cause they keep him alive and bla bla bla. He, Mister Red, gets always so emotional and points on sentiments, not that I don’t like them but, let’s be realistic, what’s more important? Feelings or certainties?

And please, don’t even get me started on the other two! They are two dumbasses, one, Gut thinks he’s a genius, every damn day he says he can predict big things and precisely, nothing happens, or if by chance something happens he makes the wrong choice; the second one, ’til a few years ago I thought he was shy but then, after a very odd process, he became unbearable, he’s a perv who always thinks about that and most of the times during the wrong situations.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t involve those two dummies into this, I just asked Red, and of course he complicated it. I’ve always suggested our host to go through things and think about ’em more than usual, oh man, you can’t imagine how complicated it is to be in charge of the engine, every night I’m so tired that I have to sleep so, my dear friend, Dreamy takes my place, he’s the best.”

“Master of my ass! Who are you talking to?”

“Here the idiot comes!” – “It’s none of your business Red”

“Oh come on! You’re being interviewed! Do you really want me to have a breakdown in front of the cameras?”

“You’re such a drama queen! And by the way, where do you see cameras? The kind lady is just writing on the paper! I was explaining her THE decision.”

“Oh. Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Red, Master’s nemesis. He may seem a cold-hearted guy, but after a while he’ll melt.”



“Don’t call me that!”

“Guys, can you please shut your mouths? I’m trying to have a nap!”

“Oh, sorry Dreamy, it’s Red’s fault!”


“Oh, I guess it’s about THE decision! Listen to me, you should sit and compromise, if you’d just unite your strenghts, this kind guy would be a  more determined, smart little man.”

“Well, Red, maybe he’s right, maybe we should take a list of pros and cons and in the end decide.”

“Yes, Master, I do think it’s the right choice! So, he loves strawberries…”

“True, but he’s a bit allergic, I’d go with coffee.”

“No! Come on, for just one time, you love strawberries too, next time coffee! Please!”

“Mmh… fine, than let’s go with strawberry yogurt!”

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Save me, but maybe don’t.

‘Help me! Help me, please! I’m here, in the basement! Is there someone?’

It’s been a day, I fell from the stairs and the door closed and it can only be opened from the outside. I’m scared stiff, I keep hearing strange noises from that closet, the one in the back on the right, I don’t have the courage to go and see what’s inside.

Luckily, here I have some food, but still, I want to go outside, I even tried to escape but nothing, the windows are blocked, my only hope is that my best friend will notice that something’s wrong. This dungeon has always scared me, since I was little, my parents told me not to go inside for it was dangerous, but I can’t deny I never went there, curiosity hits me all the time.

It’s black in here, after a while you’ll start seeing something and will notice that this place is a mess, apart from the noises closet, there’s a chest, on the left near the ladder; I opened it, I found a flashlight and some photos of my parents’ adventures: they’ve always loved travelling, going to exotic places, living the time of their lives and they kept every memory in that trunk, they were like Indiana Jones, explorations are their field, in fact they are in South America right now.

Oh look! These boxes are full of toys, my sister and I played with them all the time; I can’t wait to tell her about my adventure, we don’t see each other a lot, she’s at the college and comes home every once in a while, but we do care a lot about each other and call whenever we can, she always asks me for advice.

Now turn around, that couch is there, I believe since the stone age, I don’t know why it’s still there, I guess someone in the family loves mouldy stuff, oh yeah, maybe it’s my aunts’, she’s great but a little weird, I remember when my sister and I were young, she used to give us artifacts with strange shapes, sometimes a bit scary. Her house is the best though, every inch is covered with stuff, even the walls are bulging with any kind of picture, canvas, plate; when you go in, you feel like in a museum.

I’m starting to get anxious though, I’ve suffered from panic attacks in the past and it was really bad; I don’t like being in a closed, dark room for long, I have things to do: right now my life is on a turning point, I found a job, it’s very good and I love it, I broke most of the bridges with the past, people were awful back then and today they’re not better, they always used to make fun of me ’cause I’m different from them, I never liked popularity or “being cool”, I suffered from depression, it was not a good period, but now I’ve moved on, I feel great, even though, for a time I went away, my family didn’t know anything and when I got back I had changed.

I lived my own adventure, I spent six months travelling through Asia, from India to Philippines, from Vietnam to China. I met so many beautiful people and I finally found my true self, also I wrote so many articles and photos that I was hired from an important newspaper.

Everyone keep saying I’ve changed, and yes, I cannot deny it, I grew up, I got to know my inner self, my strenght, my weaknesses, when I got back, I was ready to let everything slip away and live my life. It went really well for a while, but then I had a sort of crisis, I had left back too much and in that moment I had no idea who I was anymore. I spoke to my sister and my best friend, they told me to slow down and keep what’s positive from the past and go on thinking that even in this new life negative things will happen.

So I did and I’m happier, I almost always have a smile for everyone, also my colleagues are great, we get along really well.

Oh listen, someone’s calling, it’s Sarah, my friend. ‘Sarah! I’m here, in the basement! I’m trapped, open the door and don’t start laughing at me!’

See, I’ve seen black for a long season, then white for a time, and now? Well now, I see gray, I still don’t know what the path is, but I know there’s an end, that the maze has obstacles, but the light that rescues me is there, the research is on me.

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Walk with confidence

I’ve always thought that people who strut through the streets just want to be noticed, let’s say, they want the light pointed upon ’em. Just now, I saw this picture of a woman who walks proudly on the street and a soldier is near her; the tagline acted: “You’ll never defeat us.”

Well, from another point of view, walking proudly may be a weapon agaist the power, the rules, and now my mind is full of images from the Sixties where crowds fought against wars by putting flowers into guns.

Non-violence fight should be used even today, we tend to let others problems flow away and get really angry when something happen to us! Well, solutions exist, but people seem to have forgotten just one detail that would probably turn our society into a bit more livable world: Altruism.

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